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An all-star weekend

The best weekend of 2015 consisted of a family dinner on Friday, a day trip on Saturday and a reunion on Sunday. It was spontaneous, of course, because when do my actual plans ever turn out well? 


I always volunteer in the mornings at a SLP-VPL speech therapy class and it’s always so fun. With a super complicated name, the little kids always have trouble with it, I mean, OBVS, they’re here because they need speech therapy, but one little boy came running in yelling my name! It was the best way to start the class and he clung to me for most of it. Which shows that our therapy IS working! I really hope that I can make speech work for me as a career because it’s always evolving and growing. Le sigh, one day. 

And then, went out to a super fancy dinner with the fam! The restaurant was in the hotel where my sister and I had our grad ceremonies so it was nice of reminisce about high school and how life really did get better. There was a live duo playing every single one of my favourite songs – they were great! And the food was to die for. I wish we didn’t go on a Friday, because I always like to get steak we go someplace fancy but everything we had was bomb. And the desserts! It was just nice to have a sit down dinner with the fam and catch up on life. 


OH, MAN. First mini road trip with OG! We left super early in the morning to cross the border and srrived waaaay earlier than my mail box opened. I had won a free book from Epic Reads – A Wicked Thing by Rhiannon Thomas. I haven’t started it yet but OG swears by it so I’m looking forward to reading it. (A modern take on Sleeping Beauty, but 100 years after she’s put to sleep. Her kingdom is basically in chaos.) 

We had lunch at McDonald’s, obviously. AND THEN. WE HIT UP KATE SPADE. AND I BOUGHT KATE SPADE NUMBER SIX. A beautiful lemon yellow handbag crafted to perfection and made specifically for me. LOVE. 

After a few detours, we finally made it to Seattle and we were on out way to the Praramount Theatre. 


So many little kids dressed up in pearls and gowns, they were adorable. We wished we had dressed up but then it was quite cold in Seattle. Cinderella was amazing and since I’d never heard or watched it before, it was all new! Such a fun musical with really beautiful and catchy music. The one lady in waiting in the green though, SHE KILLED IT. And Cinderella’s ON STAGE costume stages, that was tricky magic going on right there. The set was beautiful and the orchestra played perfectly. My only comment would be that it felt really short. Maybe in the sense that there was so much more talking than singing, but that’s not really it. I loved it! This also marked the fourth year of musical going for OG and I. I hope we contribute this annual tradition forever, haha! 

After fantasizing about our own Prince Topher’s, OG and I wandered around Downtown Seattle, eating ice cream, people watching at the Pier until we stumbled upon the sketchiest looking pizza place. But we were hungry. Turns out to the best spot for freshly bake pizza. Defs feeling the Italian familia vibes and all in all, we’re definitely going to go back. Dinner was so cheap too – 12$! For the two of us! We were totally stuffed. And the server was cracking jokes and made us feel totally welcome, it was great. 

Second last stop at Barnes & Nobles. It definitely felt like I was a cheating girlfriend, HAHA. But they have some things that we don’t! I picked up the hardcover boxed set of Legend by Marie Lu. It’s beaaaaautiful in hardcover with printed in for Day and June’s perspectives. Ahh, it’s just the best. And I also bought Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi in hardcover. I love me some hardcovers and since we don’t sell them in Canada, I had NO CHOICE. (And I am also buying the books I want to get signed when OG and I attend Yallwesy, which is in TWENTY-NINE days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 

And last but not least, The Cheesecake Factory! It’s so intimidating going in there and having to push our way through the crowds of people JUST to get to the cheesecake counter but it’s totally worth it. Picked up three slices for the fam and I literally could not drive home fast enough to each them. 

And alas, our Seattle adventure day came to an end. We drove home to the soundtrack of Cinderella, committing each song to memory so that at work, we can spontaneously burst into song. It was a long day, but a really fun day spent with a friend I really, truly love. Oh, the silly dreams we dream up when OG and I get together. 


GAT REUNION DAY! I was super pumped for this day because it would the first day of a complete GAT team!!! In preparation for TU’s impending departure, we planned out a dinner of meat and halo-halo. And oh, maaaaaan. The patience. Some people took forever to arrive until we were literally shaking at the table, staring at the food in longing, and ready to say grace immediately after the last two of us arrived. But it was such a happy dinner of laughs and jokes, it really felt like no time had passed since our constant togetherness in the Philippines. 

There was an intense ice shaving station set up for halo-halo and we watched some of our vlogs. I know that we may not be all that close again in the future, but sharing GAT definitely bonds us all together. And it’s nice knowing that whenever we see each other that feeling of familiarity and friendship is always going to be there. 

A list of things I’ve done in order to avoid studying for my phonetics midterm:

  • attended Ash Wednesday mass
  • made small talk with people after mass
  • “help” my friend with differential calculus, which I no longer remember how to do
  • bus the long way home
  • have dinner at my friend’s house
  • shower at said friend’s house
  • pick up book from another friend’s house
  • organize photos
  • look up new books to read
  • update Simcity Buildit, repeatedly
  • download all the lecture notes
  • open all the lecture notes
  • find phonetics textbook
  • delete photos off phone
  • braid hair
  • re-braid hair into two halves

And since I know officially have 13 hours left, I will start studying. Ugh, the procrastination.

A regular routine

The longer the semester goes on, the more I realise that there is no regular routine, at least not for me. But how I wish there was!

To be completely content in a singular, reliable everyday life void of rude awakenings, late starts and rushed breakfasts. I feel that my life has no balance juggling morning starts versus afternoon starts versus early morning plus late night days.

And yet, a friend, who now works a regular 9-5, told me that the spontaneity and irregular-ness of post-secondary is what she craves most. The surprise days in, the long days of hard work finishing up a project. A ‘grownup’ job restricts her freedom, locking her in from exactly 9 to exactly 5. No more serendipitous dates or random bump-ins.

But for some reason, I long for the regular and consistent. I yearn for the mundane days of adulthood working a real job. Oh, well. One day soon.

And last but not least,


I can’t believe I’m almost done all the CCO faith studies. It’s crazy to look back through the study guides and see all my notes and highlights. All the things that stood and the lines that inspired me.

Whenever I’m feeling spiritually dry or in need of a pick me up, I look through my past four studies and look for something new. God always reveals some new truth and it’s amazing how I learn more each time I go back. And now that I’m at the end I can’t help but feel nostalgic. Of my baby Catholic self, three years ago. Making a promise, committing myself for real to Christ. I can trace my entire faith journey through each study. And it’s almost over.

As I get ready myself for mission this summer, I can’t think of a better way to prepare my heart for it. To cement the calling He gave me. To devote myself fully to IMPACT and be single-minded for Him. To be inspired to spread the message of Christ and revive this generation.

It is well, with my soul.

The first few weeks of 2015 have whizzed by and all of the sudden it’s the middle of the month! This new year is unlike any new year I’ve ever experienced; I’m unsure if it’s because of me or things happening around me, but probably a combination of both.

A friend remarked that it’s probably because I attended Rise Up and was so inspired that I feel this way. I’m not too sure, but that’s definitely one of the factors. I feel more free, not necessarily more reckless, but maybe more carefree?

I bought a plane ticket on the third day of the year to attend a conference smack in between the last days of classes and my finals. ?!?!?! I would never have done something that reckless before! But I absolutely cannot wait for that adventure to come along!

IMG_9835  I spontaneously signed up for snowboard lessons. I would NEVER put myself in this kind of physical exercise! But it happened, last Sunday. I woke up not knowing how to snowboard. Six hours and a very sore body later, I can do the basics! It was exhilarating, painful and so FUN. I can’t wait to go back and fall over again and again until I master this addicting sport.


Another thing I would never have done last year – attend a baby shower when the only person I knew would be the baby’s mom. I don’t know what compelled me to say yes so quickly to the invitation, but it was such a blessing meeting the rest of my friend’s family (and her husband!) as well as catching up with some old friends. The love of her family and friends was so present at that gathering, I can’t help but be a tiny bit jealous. But my excitement for this new chapter of her life definitely overrides my jealousy. Look at her! She’s positively glowing!


And with the new year, things begin and things end. It’s been a blessed two years serving in CFC-Youth but it was definitely time to give my place to someone else. Someone else who needed the community, the sisterhood and the accountability more than me. I think the hardest part about leaving was knowing that I would be leaving my sisters who would continue to grow together while I would be growing on my own, or elsewhere. Yet, regardless of who we journey with, so long as we aim our eyes on Christ, we shouldn’t worry about anything. It was very difficult to let go of those friendships, but it’s all the more motivating for my to keep those relationships going. To keep in touch, to continue to pursue and bring out Christ in others. I don’t know where I’d be without the community of Campus-Based and without the friendships I’ve made there. I’m going to miss these sisters!


I’d say it’s been a pretty amazing first few days of the new year. I can’t wait for what else the Lord has in store for me, what with mission and WYD prep. I look forward to the opportunities He places in my life to witness, which I’m finding easier and easier to work through.

It is well, with my soul.