A regular routine

The longer the semester goes on, the more I realise that there is no regular routine, at least not for me. But how I wish there was!

To be completely content in a singular, reliable everyday life void of rude awakenings, late starts and rushed breakfasts. I feel that my life has no balance juggling morning starts versus afternoon starts versus early morning plus late night days.

And yet, a friend, who now works a regular 9-5, told me that the spontaneity and irregular-ness of post-secondary is what she craves most. The surprise days in, the long days of hard work finishing up a project. A ‘grownup’ job restricts her freedom, locking her in from exactly 9 to exactly 5. No more serendipitous dates or random bump-ins.

But for some reason, I long for the regular and consistent. I yearn for the mundane days of adulthood working a real job. Oh, well. One day soon.


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