‘I don’t know about you, I’m feeling twenty-two’.

God has blessed me with another year and another birthday, praise the Lord!

I spent this entire day doing all my favourite things starting with morning mass. Napping, sushi, reading, knitting, watching tv and more napping. And took my family out for korean bbq!

God is so good to give more me days to experience and share His love!


Revive This Generation

Oh, maaaaaan, Rise Up. I have no words to express who amazing it was to worship and grow and learn and experience and witness God’s love this past week. Five days of non-stop laughs, aha-moments and epiphanies of how amazing God’s plan is for me. I was so touched at the kindness of all the people I met, how so many Catholics aren’t afraid to be missionaries.

To hear Matt Fradd speak again was incredible. He’s such an engaging and riveting speaker, not to mention a fantastic Aussie accent. But his message was so clear – God is so good to us, he is willing to shower us with his mercy at any time. We just have to ask for it.


Really though, every session was amazing. Jake Khym made a great analogy to orphans, how they grasp for God’s love but since we are his children, we need only ask and wait. God will reveal himself to us in His own time and it’s up to us to really put our faith to the test. I was so inspired by his witness and the love he has for his wife and children.

IMG_9752So many amazing speakers, so many great workshops. I attended two workshops, one on marriage and the other on cohabitation. At the marriage workshop, we had a go at speed dating. Who even DOES that anymore?!?! It was so fun and so authentic; we asked questions like “What virtues do you look for in a partner?” or “Have you discerned for religious life or is marriage your default because you are afraid to discern for it?” And I learned so much of the temptations and evils of cohabitation that can almost guarantee a relationship’s doom. It was shocking, real yet I knew everything to be true and I am worried for those couples who choose to live together before making a real and permanent commitment to each other.


And I made such wonderful friends! This Rise Up conference truly would not have been as fun without these three sisters as my roommates!! Sharing our waking moments and sleepy moments, they really took all my hunger pains in stride. Opening up to them and sharing our struggles was definitely a highlight and I can’t wait to room again with them in Montreal!!!! (More Taylor Swift dance parties, plz.)

S/O to ND who seriously makes me laugh every second of every day. I am so thankful that I was able to get to know and grow with this sister, she’s a keeper!

And all my love to this one, RR, who first introduced me to CCO which led to the best decision of my life – to place Jesus at the centre of my life.

Ultimately, I am so hopeful for the future and I am at peace that my life rests in God’s knowing hands. I know that He will continue to make me brave as I hold on to Him alone. I look forward to this summer, to be His hands and feet on mission as we revive this generation.

A busy, busy week

The past week has been filled with so many blessings, constantly reminding me of God’s great, all-powerful, all-encompassing love.

  • A afternoon spent with (my favourite kids and) an extended family that I am not related to, and yet feeling welcome all the same
  • An evening non-stop laughing with some dauntless missionaries
  • A work day reminding me of how God uses the menial events to teach me something new
  • A surprise Christmas letter from my sponsor child showing me what to focus on this Advent
  • An afternoon catching up with a dear friend before she’s off on another adventure
  • A morning spent observing and learning from a professional and learning I’m valued in the workplace, despite not actually working there yet
  • A spontaneous lunch with an inspiring friend as we share our dreams and excitement
  • An afternoon discussing service and my future in a ministry
  • A sacred afternoon cleaning, humming, and being a typical, tv-deprived human
  • A brunch with two incredible ladies, sharing glory stories and hopes for the next few weeks
  • And more than a few purifying shifts at a bookstore during the last weekend before Christmas

Homemade gifts, an abundance of food and a black-themed Christmas party

God is so good!

Hosted the GAT Christmas party last and even though we weren’t complete, it definitely felt like it! It was as if no time really passed since our mission trip together. I think a real sign of our friendship was how much we were all looking forward to getting together again.

Squishing eleven onto a table for eight reminded me of our morning meals at Paradise Ranch, all lined up with unli-rice with everything.

The gift exchange went so well! With some ridiculously dauntmore gifts and some amazing homemade ones! S/O to RJ who gave me something I’ve been meaning to do ever since GAT but kept procrastinating 😊

Our pathetic attempt at a gingerbread house making contest resulted in one accurate GAT-building portrayal, complete with a septic tank, shovels and our kamayan meal

And one (dauntmore) abstract approach….


Yet, the highlight for me was GAT-related pictionary! OH, MAN. THE LOLZ.




And OBVS, ended the night off with some classic Dutch Blitz or else it wasn’t really a party at the Roque residence.

(And I have my super cute parents to thank too who always let me have my obnoxiously loud friends over.)

Some of my favourite things

Today was one of those amazing days where I grew to appreciate all the little things. God is really present at every moment and these days remind to cherish all of them.

Some of my favourite things:
-meals with my fam where we end up lingering long after the eating is over just to laugh at each other
-reading at my leisure in the silence and peace of room
-folding laundry
-the knitting x tv-watching combo that makes me feel less guilty for binging on tv since I am being productive at the same time
-having my sister, my father, and my mother all come to bug me on separate occasions throughout the day
-snacking literally all day
-feeling tired after a long day and realizing that there is still half of the weekend left
-having my sister, my father, and my mother all come to my door to say goodnight
-going to bed knowing that I will get an entire eight hours of sleep
-anticipating what the future holds for me and what God’s plan for me is
-feeling loved

God, You are so good to me!

Quality time with de fam

Left at 7am yesterday morning with de family headed to the border. We spent the whole day shopping, laughing, eating. It was such a good day, one of the really good ones.

Thank You for my family!

(And for revealing these killer shoes for me at a ridiculous price.


My best find at Nordstrom Rack ever!)

‘One cry per household’


After an extremely long day and what seemed like an eternity of a week, it was a blessing to end off the week with household. These sisters always make me laugh, with their silliness, wit, and sass!

(And the food. S/O to EB for sinigang and karekare which was the BOMB DOT COM.)

Knowing that we have each other for support and love, 110% of the time, gives me strength to keep pushing on. Love these ladies! And we were almost complete – 9/10!